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Sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise.  In fact, it is just as important as the oxygen that you breathe.  You simply cannot live without it.  

Unfortunately, sleep is one of the first things that is placed on the back burner when things get busy in life.  Studies are showing that sleep deprivation exists in much of the population in the industrial world, and that people are paying for it with their health.  Stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more are real consequences of not getting enough sleep.  

This is where you come in!  You can teach people what normal sleep entails, and how they can start to improve their sleep starting tonight with methods that work so that they can also improve their health at the same time.

If you are in the self-improvement niche and teach people who sleep poorly, are stressed or have poor energy and fatigue due to lifestyle factors, then this is something you will want to grab while the price is lowest during the launch.

You get a full product with private label rights.  This means you can put your name on it, and brand it with your website/business name, and sell it as your own and keep all the profits.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is resell this product as PLR.  

Why buy my PLR, you may be asking yourself?

I graduated with a four-year healthcare degree in a health discipline over 20 years ago.  I still work part-time in the healthcare field.  You can rest assured that what you are buying is high quality and accurate content.  My reputation depends on it, as does yours!

Here is What You Get in This New PLR Pack:

10,925 + Words eBook Includes:

Introduction (389 words)

Chapter 1:  Understanding the Different Stages of Sleep (798 words)

Chapter 2:  How Much Sleep Do You Need? (438 words)

Chapter 3:  Why is Sleep So Important for Your Health? (1,256 words)

Chapter 4:  5 Ways to Make Sleep a Priority (519 words)

Chapter 5:  6 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Tonight (629 words)

Chapter 6:  What Does Your Biological Clock Have to Do With Your Sleep? (1,023 words)

Chapter 7:  7 Ways to Avoid Blue Light at Night (714 words)

Chapter 8:  Recommendations for Artificial Lighting for Quality Sleep – Say What? (607 words)

Chapter 9:  Reduce Your Temperature, Get a Better Sleep (555 words)

Chapter 10:  3 Things to Consider Before Taking Sleeping Pills (456 words)

Chapter 11:  Medical Conditions that Interfere with Sleep (1,691 words)

Chapter 12:  Improve Your Sleep with These Natural Supplements  (1,630 words)

Conclusion (221 words) 

Available in Docx
Also available in Txt

Here is a low-resolution excerpt from the book:

eBook Covers

You get the editable flat PSD file, as well as ready-to-use PNG ecovers (Hard cover book, flat file, and paperback formats)

Squeeze Page for eBook

This squeeze page for the eBook is WordPress-ready. Simply copy the WordPress HTML, and paste it into the “Visual” editor of WordPress. Add your autoresponder code or “Add to Cart” button.

All 12 Chapters Turned into Stand-Alone Articles

Available both in Docx and Txt formats

10 Social Media Images

You get 10 ready-to-use images.  Use them on Facebook, instagram, or your website blog posts.  

Available in JPG or PNG images. 

No watermark on the images you buy.

1 Infographic

You get one full-size infographic (600 X 1260 px), in PNG and editable PPT formats.  This makes it the perfect size for sharing on Pinterest.

I have included two different variations of the same infographic.   


2126-word Report: “The Link Between Insomnia & Anxiety in Children & Teens – What Parents Can Do To Help”

Available in Docx and Txt formats.

You also get a flat eCover (PSD & PNG) & 3D PNG.


Report contents include:


The relationship between insomnia and anxiety

Is Insomnia in Children & Teens Similar to Adults?

Signs & Symptoms of Insomnia in Children & Teens

Ways to Help Children and Teens with Insomnia


NEW BONUS just added: '10 Energizing Tips' (When You're Sleepy) 10-Day Email Course

  1. Limit your options for less indecision
  2. Power off your electronics and give yourself a break
  3. Cool your body to invigorate your mind
  4. Stretch your muscles
  5. Boost your circadian rhythms with sunlight
  6. Practice proper posture to feel more energized
  7. Deep breathing gets your blood pumping
  8. Stay hydrated to ward off dehydration
  9. Make your bedroom a fortress of comfort
  10. Ensure your nutrition needs are met
You also get the PNG image.

Create a 10-day email course with these 10 topics.  The content is already written for you, and is related, in part, to the eBook above!

There are many ways that you can use this course.  Here is one idea:  You can use it as a free opt-in on your website’s home page, and link it to your autoresponder (Aweber, Get Response, etc.) to collect names and email addresses.  Use the course to generate subscriber trust over the next 10 days, and you can later offer the “Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health” for sale to them.  


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