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You have just purchased the Back Pain content pack.  This next ready-make content pack that I’m going to tell you about is related in that a common cause of back pain is OSTEOPOROSIS.  

Even if you already have Osteoporosis content, this would make a great addition, as I have included a lot of information on practical back health tips for people with osteoporosis.  You can be the go-to person for all content back related.  

Osteoporosis is a disease where your bones thin and lose their mass and strength.  It is currently estimated that 200 million people worldwide suffer with this devastating bone disease.  Unfortunately, the bones in your back are vulnerable to fractures, and can result in tremendous back pain.  

Unfortunately, bone health is something that a lot of people really don’t consider, until a fracture or multiple fractures leads to the diagnosis.  By this point, the bones have already weakened.  

This is where you come in!  If you are in the healthy lifestyle niche, and teach people both young and old, then this new product will be welcomed by your clients.  You see, osteoporosis is a disease that begins in childhood.  You can teach people what osteoporosis is, how they can reduce their chances of this disease as they age, and what they can do, if they have already been diagnosed with it.  Best of all, it comes with real-life, practical aspects that people can use, with a special emphasis on reducing fractures of the bones of the spine, which is a leading cause of back pain in middle age and older people.  

If this describes your clientele, then this is something that you will want to grab while the price is lowest during the launch. 

You get a full product with private label rights.  This means you can put your name on it, and brand it with your website/business name.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is resell any parts of this product as PLR.  

Why buy my health content, you may be asking yourself?

I graduated with a four-year healthcare degree in a health discipline over 23 years ago.  I still work part-time in the healthcare field.  You can rest assured that what you are buying is high quality and accurate content.  My reputation depends on it, as does yours!

Here is everything you get in this brand new Osteoporosis content pack!

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11 Brand New Articles

Available in TXT and DOCX formats – all have a minimum of 400 – 1000 words.

1.  2 Types of Foods That Are Bad for Your Bones

2.  3 Foods that Can Interfere with Calcium Absorption in Your Body

3.  Your Best Online Osteoporosis Resources

4.  Can Getting Too Much Calcium Be Harmful?

5.  Are Coffee and Tea Bad for Your Bone Health?

6.  Could Magnesium Be Missing In Your Bone Health Program?

7.  Do Men Get Osteoporosis?

8.  Can I Get my Vitamin D from the Sunshine?

9.  Osteoporosis Diet to Build Strong Bones

10.  Should I Take Vitamin & Mineral Supplements to Reduce My Risk of Osteoporosis?

11.  Soda:  The Thief That Robs Your Bones of Calcium

10,479 Word eBook
"It's All About Your Bones: Prevention, Causes, & Living Well with Osteoporosis"

You get the eCovers

You get 2 flat PSD files, and five different styles of 3-D PNG or JPG files, and five flat PNG or JPG files, one image, and one blank flat cover.  

15 Chapters:

Medical Disclaimer


Chapter 1:  What is Osteoporosis?

Chapter 2:  What are the Risk Factors for Developing Osteoporosis?

Chapter 3:  Why Should You Care About Osteoporosis?

Chapter 4:  Preventing Osteoporosis Begins in Childhood

Chapter 5:  Is it Too Late to Prevent Osteoporosis if You Are An Adult?

Chapter 6:  How is Osteoporosis Diagnosed?

Chapter 7:  Who Needs a Bone Mineral Density Test?

Chapter 8:  How Your Height is Related to Your Bone Health

Chapter 9:  How is Osteoporosis Treated with Medications?

Chapter 10:  Why is it Important to Monitor for the Presence of Compression Fractures of the Spine?

Chapter 11: Watch Your Back!  Common-Sense Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Vertebral/Compression Fractures of Your Spine When You Have Osteoporosis

Chapter 12:  More Everyday Ways to Protect Your Spine from Spine Fractures

Chapter 13:  Ways to Reduce Falls that Can Result in Fractures When You Have Osteoporosis

Chapter 14:  Exercise:  Your Prescription for Stronger Bones & Preventing Falls

Chapter 15:  How Much Calcium & Vitamin D Do You Need?


Available in TXT and DOCX formats.


Here are 2 snippets of content from the eBook:

You also get all 15 chapters of the eBook turned into 15 stand-alone articles:

If you would like to use the chapters of the Osteoporosis eBook as their own articles, I have separated them into 15 stand-alone articles in order to save you time having to do so.  

I Infographic

You get an infographic that is 960 X 1440px.  

You can brand it with your business information, and post it on your website or on Pinterest.  

You get the PNG and editable Powerpoint files.  

10 Social Media Images

This social media images have been created with Pinterest in mind.  If you are not using Pinterest, you are losing out on a lot of free traffic!  

Simply brand each graphic with your name/business, and link it to your website on Pinterest, and watch the traffic come!

You get full-size (720 X 1080 px) social media images in PNG and editable PSD files.   

The files you get will not be watermarked.

200+ Social Media Blurbs

I pored through the Osteoporosis eBook, thus saving you a lot of time, and created 200+ (yes, you read that right!) blurbs that you can share on whatever social media platform you want to get the conversation started with your followers. Use something like HootSuite or Meet Edgar, and schedule them in advance without a lot of hard work.  

You get these in Docx format.

2 Printable Puzzles

You get 2 puzzles – one wordsearch, and one crossword puzzle (with answer key) with Osteoporosis-related terms related to the eBook. These make great lead-generating gifts.  Bundle them together, and give them away as a freebie to generate leads, or as a “thank you” to your current list.  You can even include them at the end of the eBook, if you want.  They make a great way to assimilate the information found in the eBook.  

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