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Back pain is common in people of all ages.  Various reasons exist for back pain, but it affects 80% of people over their lifetimes.  That is a staggering number when you consider how many people are suffering right now, and will in the future.  It results in loss of productivity and negatively impacts the ability to participate in everyday activities.  

Unfortunately, back pain continues to be a problem in much of the world, and people are paying for it with reduced quality of life.  And for 1 out of 10 people, the back pain becomes chronic, meaning it never goes away!

This is where you come in!  You can teach people about their backs, and the causes of back pain, and how they can take steps to reduce the pain starting today. A huge piece of the puzzle that is missing is people don’t understand WHY their backs are at such high risk of being injured.  However, by understanding the structures of the back and the different things that can go wrong, it can make people more aware of how they are treating their backs.  

If you are in the health and lifestyle niche, you can bet that 80% of people you know are currently suffering with, will, or have experienced back pain.  Back pain not only affects people physically;  it has many negative psychological effects as well.  You can teach them what they need to know to begin to take an active part in getting better.  Pain medications are not the whole answer.  They need to learn about psychological methods of managing their chronic pain as well.  The psychosocial aspects of chronic back pain are discussed in the ready-made content report you get as part of this brand new pack.  This is content that you will want to grab while the price is lowest during the launch.

You get a full product with private label rights.  This means you can put your name on it, and brand it with your website/business name.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is resell this product as PLR.  

Why buy my health content, you may be asking yourself?

I graduated with a four-year healthcare degree in a health discipline (Occupational Therapy) over 23 years ago.  I still work part-time in the healthcare field so you can rest assured that what you are buying is high quality and accurate content.  My reputation depends on it, as does yours!

But I already own other Back PLR content.  Why should I buy this one too?

Prior to creating new content, I always research what is already out there.  I aim to create complementary products, and not rehash the same content that is already available.  Therefore, if you already have other PLR on the subject, you can feel comfortable knowing that you can use my content to create an even-larger product (or many products) or authority website with all of it!

Here is What You Get in This New Ready-Made Content Pack:

"Back Pain: Understanding the Mechanics, Causes, & What You Can Do"
9789 Words eBook Includes:

Medical Disclaimer


Chapter 1:  The Low-Down on Back Pain

Chapter 2:  How Your Back Stacks Up – A Lesson On Your Spine

Chapter 3:  6 Reasons Why Neck & Back Pain Are So Common

Chapter 4:  What Causes Back Pain?

Chapter 5:  5 Factors That Make Back Pain Worse

Chapter 6:  How Your Posture Can Improve or Reduce Back Pain

Chapter 7:  Important Considerations for Your Sleep Surface

Chapter 8:  What Can Your Back Care Team of Professionals Offer You?

Chapter 9:  More Things You Can Do at Home to Reduce Your Back Pain


Available in Docx
Also available in Txt

Here is a low-resolution excerpt from the book:

eBook Covers

You get 2 editable flat PSD files, as well as ready-to-use PNG ecovers (Flat files, and 3-D paperback formats)

All Chapters Turned into Stand-Alone Articles

Available in Docx formats

10 Social Media Images

You get 10 ready-to-use images.  Use them on Pinterest, other social media, or your website blog posts.  

Available in PNG and editable PSD files. 

1 Infographic

You get one full-size infographic (768 X 1536 px), in PNG and editable PPT formats.  This makes it the perfect size for sharing on Pinterest.  There is room on the bottom of the infographic to brand it with your business information.

10 Brand New Back Pain Articles

  1. Could There Be a Connection Between Your Footwear & Your Back Pain? 
  2. Reasons for Back Pain During Pregnancy & Effective Ways to Reduce It
  3. What are the Psychological Effects of Osteoporosis?
  4. How Smoking is Related to Increased Risk of Back Pain
  5. 5 Ways to Combat Chronic Back Pain
  6. When Does Back Surgery Become Necessary?
  7. When You Should See a Doctor Immediately for Your Back Pain
  8. Which Sports Carry a High Risk of Back Injuries & Arthritis Development?
  9. Tips on Gardening when You Have Back Pain
  10. Back Pain Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Sex Life
Available in TXT and Docx formats.

2890-word Report: "Control Your Mind, Control Your Chronic Pain"

This report makes a perfect lead magnet or opt-in report.  It deals with the psychosocial aspects of dealing with chronic pain in general, with special mention of back pain throughout.  

Topics include:

What is chronic back pain & what issues accompany it?

The basic goals of chronic pain treatment and management

Why do people vary in their response to pain?

Why do some people go on to develop chronic pain?

How is chronic pain treated?

Cognitive, emotional, & psychological approaches to chronic pain management


Available in Docx and Txt formats.

Plus you get the Report eCover in PNG (flat and 3-D) and PSD files (as shown above)

There are many ways that you can use this report.  Here is one idea:  You can use it as a free opt-in on your website’s home page, and link it to your autoresponder (Aweber, Get Response, etc.).  Use the report to generate subscriber trust, and you can later offer any of the related back pain/health products. 


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Printable Crossword Puzzle

This printable crossword puzzle, “How Much Do You Know About Your Back” has 25 questions, and it comes with an answer key.  It makes a great addition to the eBook above to help assimilate the information or it can be used as part of an opt-in.  

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