I understand that you want to get your hands on the Back Pain and Osteoporosis ready-made contentpacks that you just purchased, but before you proceed any further, I have one more related offer for you. The price for all of this will never be this low again after the launch!

Here is Everything You Get:

"Your Back Matters: Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Injury at Work & Home" 6,605 words eBook

You get the editable PSD cover, a 3D transparent PNG and a flat PNG file.  

This eBook is the key to preventing back injuries at work and at home, by using proper body mechanics, the proper equipment needed, and practical postural techniques that put your back at the least risk of injury.  

You already know that back pain is an issue.  Another common cause of back pain is due to lifting.  It may be due to lifting too much weight, or not having enough space to perform a lift safely, and many other factors.  Twisting while lifting is another risk factor.  

This brand new content pack is chock-full of ways to determine if your back is at risk of injury, and practical ways to reduce or prevent back injuries before they happen!  

There are some occupations that put people at higher risk of back injuries, but if you are a human, you are automatically at risk, especially if you aren’t using the techniques covered in this new content pack.  And don’t forget that back injuries also can occur at home!  The risk is always there, but there are ways to reduce that risk – and now you get all that information in this new content pack.  

If you are in the health and lifestyle niche, 4 out of 5 people you know are currently suffering with, will, or have experienced back pain as a result of an injury.  

You get a full product with private label rights.  This means you can put your name on it, and brand it with your website/business name.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is resell this product as PLR.  

It includes the following CHAPTERS:

Medical Disclaimer


Chapter 1:  How Much is Safe to Lift to Reduce Injury to Your Back?

Chapter 2:  What Methods Can You Use to Protect Your Back from Injuries?

Chapter 3:  The Basics of Good Body Mechanics

Chapter 4:  What Stands in the Way of Preventing Your Back From Getting Injured?

Chapter 5:  Tips for Using Good Posture & Body Mechanics in Everyday Home Activities 

Chapter 6:  What are Other Risky Tasks That Can Increase Back Pain or Injury?


Here is an excerpt from the book:


Opt-in/Squeeze Page for the eBook

You get the wordpress-ready HTML code.  Just paste it into the “Text” editor of a new WordPress page.  

Add your autoresponder code and start collecting email subscribers.


You get an editable full-size infographic, “Body Mechanics to Protect Your Back from Injury”

Available in Powerpoint (editable) and PNG formats.   816 X 1056 pixels.

5 Social Media Images

You get 5 ready-to-use social media images perfect for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or your website (PNG formats).  All are related to the topic of Back Pain related to lifting and poor body mechanics. Just brand them with your name/business, and make them go viral.  

You also get the completed graphics without text (PNG), as well as the raw images, should you want to make your own edits or add your own text.

4 Brand New Back & Neck Articles

Here are the topics:

Sciatica as a Source of Back Pain & What You Can Do

The Best Tips for Air Travel When You Suffer from Back Pain

Tips for Travel in a Car When You Have Back Pain

What Causes Tech Neck and What Can You Do?

1900-word Report "Desktop Ergonomics: Reduce Your Chances of Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain with These Practical Tips"

You get the 1900+ Report in Docx and Txt formats, as well as the Covers in a Flat PNG file, 3-D PNG cover, and the editable PSD file.  

Here is an excerpt from the Report: